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I started this company during the early days of 2020.  I provide training on many topics that are infinitely customizable for your organization.  My area of specialty is in the social services and healthcare fields, with a focus on team building, homelessness response, and self care.  Check out my site at Passmore Solutions


I have worked in the field of homelessness for many years.  My work has taken me across Canada and the United States, training communities on best practices.  Much of my time has been spent with Indigenous agencies, travelling with an Elder or Knowledge Keeper.

Encampment photo by Dick Passmore
Encampments are becoming more common
Dick Passmore PSW Personal Support Worker
Working as a PSW was rewarding

Healthcare and Hospice

As a Personal Support Worker, I have experience in both long term care and residential hospice.  My training includes Fundamentals of Hospice Palliative Care from the HPCN.  I found end of life care to be both challenging and rewarding. Working as a PSW allowed me to care for and support many residents and their families.

Mental Health, Addiction, and Harm Reduction 

As a person with lived experience of compromised mental wellness, I have great empathy for anyone who is struggling.  My involvement as a Peer Support Worker in a social housing setting really opened my eyes to the challenges of those who live there.  Working in the field of Harm Reduction in both a front line and leadership role allows me to better relate to those who live with problematic substance use

Overdose Prevention Site rules
I visited East Hastings Street in Vancouver as part of my work. I interviewed frontline and leadership in the field of harm reduction.
Railroad Tracks photo by Dick Passmore
Shipping was an important part of my work in manufacturing.


Working in a factory was good experience, and allowed me to learn many new skills.  It also gave me the opportunity to work in a unionized environment, where I was involved with the Joint Health and Safety Committee, held the office of Vice President of the local, and Chief Steward.

Sanitation Service

My family provided waste removal service in the area for decades.  My first job was on the back of a garbage truck.  I was quite happy when I hit 18 and could get my DZ license and drive.  I worked with my dad, Dick Sr. my uncle John Buck, and brother Ed Passmore.  My mom did the books, and occasionally drove for us.  We serviced the former Town of Dunnville, as well as Fisherville, Cayuga, and Featherstone Point.

Dick Passmore drove a truck like this
I spent many long days on the back of the truck before I was old enough to drive.

“Wherever you work, treat it like you own it. 

Don’t waste money or time.”

Dick Passmore Sr.